Our services

Overview of Our Services

We offer our customers the following services:

  • Geant4 consultants
  • Advice on radiation simulation
  • Assessment of radiation operations
  • Reorganisation of radiation simulation operations

Implementation of custom Geant4 applications


One of the major services we offer our customers is consultation for the design, implementation and execution of their radiation simulation requirement based on the simulation toolkit, Geant4.

We can provide services through

  • personal visits (only in England, France, Hungary and Japan)
  • e-mail exchanges
  • wiki page
  • other ways which are preferred by the customers

Design and Implementation

We can also design and implement a simulation package to the customer’s requirement.

Execution of Simulation

We can also execute simulation designed by us and provide results and reports which are specified by the customer.

Other Services

We can provide any services related to Geant4. Please contact us with an outline of your requirements.


Please contact us by accessing to the Contact Us page for an estimate of the cost of support.

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