Our Services

Geant4 Associates International (G4AI) offers a wide range of radiation simulation services based on the Geant4 simulation toolkit.

We can supply consultation services for industry and research based on our experience in

  • space: shielding design, dose estimation, single event upsets, electrostatic charging
  • medicine: ion therapy, radiation-based diagnosis, radiation-shielding
  • security: x-ray scanners
  • environment: health and safety

G4AI’s members are all developers of the Geant4 toolkit who have been active since its inception in 1994. We offer our customers services based on a deep knowledge of the toolkit and the physics of the interaction of radiation with matter.

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Our Objects

Geant4 Associates International (G4AI) was established in 2007 as a not-for-profit company dedicated to promoting the Geant4 simulation toolkit. All surpluses from consultation services, advertising, etc., are used to support the activities of our parent organization, the Geant4 Collaboration, which develops and maintains the Geant4 toolkit.

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Further information

Please contact us by accessing the Contact Us page.

We are an international company and can provide local help and consulting services in England, France, Hungary and Japan. For customers in one of these countries we can provide a “hands-on” service.

What is Geant4?

Geant4 is an open software toolkit for the simulation of radiation. Geant4 treats radiation as the detailed passage of particles (for example, electrons, protons or ions) or quanta of radiation (for example, photons, x-rays, gamma-rays) and their interaction with the individual atoms of the particular material as they pass through. Its application areas include high energy, nuclear and accelerator physics, medicine and spacecraft design. The two main reference papers for Geant4 are published in


An informal introduction to Geant4 may be found in

From “Essential Sciences Indicator” by Thomson Reuters is here.

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